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Let us paint you a picture

Paramount is proud to have begun our journey over 5 years ago by Rosh. Paramount started off servicing limited local areas in Canberra like Woden & Phillip, with a very small team and limited access to products. Although we were small in size, our ambitions were big. There, we slowly began to grow in referrals, word of mouth, technicians and equipment.

Through years of dedication and hard work, we got to where we are now – a friendly and professional team of master painters who are able to service the entire Canberra-wide region.

Your vision is our mission

Our founders wanted to help local homeowners achieve their dream homes by providing a service that really paid attention to what customers really wanted. 

We carry on this legacy by ensuring that every job, no matter the size, budget or distance is completed within customer satisfaction. This means that we are putting in maximum effort and attention into every step of the process; from the preparation and painting to the finishes and aftercare.

Sketch of a House on the Wall

Our Values

We’re A Company That Values Your Satisfaction

Top-Grade Paint

We’re dedicated to not only making your paint job look absolutely flawless but we also want you and your guests to be able to admire the work for a long time. Paramount are proud to be partners with the best quality paint brands and providers to offer you solutions that won’t harm your property or quickly fade during a storm.

5+ Years Experience

In order to provide top-quality services, our painters are extensively trained with appropriate safety techniques and updated with the latest product knowledge. Our business has been operating for 5 years, but our painters' experience goes years beyond the length we’ve been operating.

Trained Specialists

We understand how close in proximity our painters will be working in peoples’ homes and office spaces, so we make sure all our team members are organised and respectful. As a leading service in the painting industry, Paramount intends to have the right people with the right skills equipped with the right tools for any project.

Why Should You Choose Paramount Canberra Painting Service?